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3 februarja, 2021

Dear visitor, Welcome to MTZS Web Site !

New web site will be open soon. You may visit and see more about our activities also at Facebook: Mažoretna in twirling zveza Slovenije and Instagram MTZS_Slovenia.

Federation MTZS  was found by 7 enthusiastic clubs May 9th, 2001. From then on we’ve been growing and we have   34  members of MTZS federation in 2014. In the 2015 some members decided to go out from this federation and again founded new majorettes federation, so we are now 20 active members.

MTZS was a member of EMA ( European Majorettes Association) from 2001 to 2015  and a member of W.B.T.F. ( World Baton Twirling Federation; http://www.wbtf.org, )  from 2003. From 2011 we are members of  IBTF  a new organisation, Union made by WBTF and  WNBTA. From 2013 we are a member of OCS- Union of Spor Associations of Slovenia.

With a hard work and with help of  friends from all over the world our athletes have got skills and ability to compete with international clubs and athletes.

We were very proud that with discipline and system of compulsories, body work and with step by step progress on a higher level we succeeded to catch the track toward world level of baton twirling.

The 15th Anniversary we celebrated 2016 with will to do the best for young athletes and their clubs in future

MTZS organizes every year National Championships with more and more participants. Because of COVID_19 we could not organize championships in 2020.

1st National Championships was in Radeče, October 2001, 2nd in Trebnje, 3rd in Trbovlje, 4th Logatec, 5th Laško, 6th Cerknica, 7th Nova Gorica, 2008 in Radeče, 2009 in Kranj, 2010 in Lenart. From 2011 we held separate finals for twirling and for majorettes. So 11th finals for twirling was  in Logatec and for majorettes was  in Trebnje, 2012 twirling was in Nova Gorica and Kanal, for majorettes in Ruše. From 2013 to 2015 we had finals for twirling in Maribor, Sport Hall Lukna. For majorettes national championships in 2013 was  in Radeče, 2014 in Sevnica and in 2015 in Horjul. From 2008 we had also preliminaries and semifinals, from 2014 for first two levels of twirling for solo and artistic twirl events  we have  separate finals in March and for all other twirling levels finals are  in April.

National championships MTZS  are open also for non- members and for Majorettes valid as qualification for international championships.

For Baton Twirling Sport will be next year different way of qualifications:

for European Cup of Clubs and Grand Prix Championship and for World Championships WBTF  qualifications will be held by the rules and decision of WBTF.

Baton twirling athletes, members of MTZS, participated at 6th Intenational Cup WBTF, August 4th to 7th, 2011  in Jacksonville, Florida, USA and again won two silver medals, for solo B junior and pair senior.  First 4 gold medals( Barbara Berginc, Sara Pečkaj and two Živa Kovač, and one  silver medal (Živa Kovač) for Slovenia were won at 2009 in Sydney Australia, and the  first bronz medal for Slovenia in the hystory of baton twirling was won by a group  Logatec B level in 2006 , Rome, Italy .

The best result ever at the World Championships of Baton twirling for Slovenia was the 5th place won by Pair Andreja Rijavec, Živa Kovač, Nova Gorica in Hamilton, Canada. Next year in Ireland they won 6th place.

Majorettes won first gold and silver  medals in solo and pair at  2008 and from that on every year. Majorettes, groups and individual competitors from 10 clubs members of MTZS,  competed at 13th European Majorettes Championship EMA  from 1st to 4th september, 2011 in Zagreb, Croatia, repeted success from previous years and again won a good placement of groups and won 5 medals: Sara Pečkaj gold medal for  solo senior and pair junior Radovljica a gold medal, Kristina Ilić, solo senior won silver medal, Alja Smolčič, solo junior bronze, and pair senior Laško  bronze medal.

In 2014 Slovene majorettes were very successful  again. For solo baton junior and senior and also for junior  pair events Slovenia won all three first placements, at senior pair 1st and 3rd place and in group event we won 3rd place, too.

We educated more than 20 national judges, we have two international WBTF  Certifed Judges and 5 International Majorettes Judges.

In 2012 5 new beginner judges passed national exam for a MTZS judge, in 2015 we have got new 5 national judges.

In the past few years we have got some more new national judges and in 2018 we got 2 new coaches with a certificate for Coaches level 1 from WBTF.

It was a great pleasure to welcome all of the best European Twirlers at 2015 WBTF European Championships in the wonderful city of Maribor, Slovenia. We got a lot of congratulations for organisation and we hope all participants spent a wonderful time and enjoyed at championships.


We wish to say warm thank you from all our hearts to all of supporters, volunteers, sponsors, and members, who helped us through preparation and to execute championships. We are very proud and thankful to WBTF who trusted us to organize such prestige event on the year before 15th anniversary of our federation founded May 9th 2001.

We are looking forward to learn more and to  offer to Slovene athletes new opportunities in Baton Twirling Sport.

Thank you to visit our website!

MTZS president

Mrs. Nada Skuk



Submitted by swiemers on Sun, 2013-12-01 19:08

The November 23-24, 2013 combined meeting of the World Baton Twirling Federation (WBTF) and World Federation of National Baton Twirling Associations (WFNBTA) resulted in the structure of a union to organize an umbrella organization.   The official name of the union will be announced in January of 2014.  The Executive Committee comprised of both organizations was formed for the new organization’s governmental structure.  The following officials were elected to positions:  Sandi Wiemers, President; Beverly Johnson, Vice President; Jean Patrick Rousset, Vice President; Maurizio Chizzoli, Vice President; Jeff Johnson, Secretary General; Paul Rutten, Treasurer;  Amy Williams & Moto Tsuchiya, Sport Administrators; Christine Bel, Paola DeMarchi, Darlene King, Dale White and Jackie Stewart, Technical Members; Martin Schuchmann, Veronique Tassy and Denise Pearse, Executive Committee Members at Large.   The Executive created an initial project for the future by establishing a Grand Prix competition to be held August 10-11, 2015 in Abbotsford, British Columbia, CANADA, where competitors from both organizations will compete in Solo, Two Baton and Teams.  More details to follow in due course.  Please disseminate this information to your membership.
The World Federation of National Baton Twirling Federations (WFNBTA) is a newly formed global organization representing 18 countries in North America and Europe governing all aspects of the sport of the baton twirling operating in each member country as a National Baton Twirling Association (NBTA).
The World Baton Twirling Federation (WBTF) formed in 1979, represents 23 countries throughout the world as the international federation governing all aspects of the sport of baton twirling worldwide, either directly or through its national member bodies.

For further information contact:  sportadministrator@wbtf.org

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